Department Teaching Staff
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Michelle Gallivan (DH)
Rick Alexanderson Tech/TEJ
Scott Day
Martin Deschambault
Matt Secord
Courses Offered
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Grade 9  Grade 10  Grade 11  Grade 12 

TIJ1O  - Exploring Technologies

TGJ2O - Communications Technology

TCJ2O - Construction Technology

TTJ2O - Transportation Technology

TFJ2O - Hospitality and Tourism

TEJ3M/4M- Computer Engineering Technology

TFJ3E - Hospitality and Tourism 

TGI3M - TV, Video, Movie Production

TGV3M - TV, Video, Movie Production

TTJ3C - Transportation Technology

TCJ3C/4C - Construction Engineering Technology

TGV4M - TV, Video, Movie Production

TFJ4E - Hospitality & Tourism

TGJ3M/4M - Communications Technology

TTJ4C - Transportation Technology


Course Types 

C - College
D - Academic
E - Workplace
I - Immersion
L - Locally Developed
M - University/College
O - Open
P - Applied
U - University