Empowering Students to be the Change

posted Dec 4, 2015, 11:10 AM by Kathrine Kingham

Empowering Students to be the Change - by Mrs. Angela Harrison

St. Peter veteran teacher Mrs. Harrison has received awesome recognition by Jean Courtney, Retired Education Officer for the Ontario Ministry of Education. Mrs. Harrison has been teaching for 20 years and spent 17 of those years working at the Ottawa Catholic School Board as a classroom teacher, resource teacher, Destination Employability Coordinator and Student Success Teacher.  

“As a Student Success Teacher at St. Peter Catholic High School, I have had the opportunity to implement many new initiatives and observe their impacts on student achievement. In my opinion, one of the most influential initiatives to date is Student Voice.  Student Voice is an occasion for Ontario students to have a say in their learning…”    Please click here to keep reading Mrs.  Harrison’ blog entry posted to Student Voice Practitioners, a community for youth and adults.