St. Peter's Best Buddies chapter gets national recognition

posted Apr 26, 2016, 1:52 PM by School Websites
Students and staff at St. Peter High School and St. Patrick's High School were recognized for their achievement as exceptional Best Buddies chapters on March 31st. Best Buddies Canada is a national charity that helps to foster friendships between individuals with special needs with student volunteers in over 450 universities, colleges, high schools, and elementary schools across the country. 

Through Best Buddies, students with special needs are given the opportunities to enjoy the same experiences many of us take for granted- such as going to the mall, watching a movie, or simply enjoying the company of a friend. Best Buddies Canada has selected St. Peter High School and St. Patrick's High School as two of the Top 20 Best Buddies schools in the country. Selections were based on important factors, such as demonstrating commitment to inclusion and going beyond expectations of running the Best Buddies program. 

Principal Norma McDonald, Principal Brid McDonald and the entire Best Buddies Chapter teams at these two schools exceeded these criteria. "I hope our chapters will see how St. Peter High School and St. Patrick's High School have involved Best Buddies into their school" says Steven Pinnock, executive director of Best Buddies Canada. "Out of 450 schools, these two schools fall in the Top 20 in the country. It really shows that students and staff in these chapters are committed to promoting inclusion and friendship."