St. Peter Catholic High School is privileged to have its own Chapel. The chapel is a very special room in the school used for personal prayer, quiet time, youth ministry meetings, class liturgical celebrations and other faith related activities. It is located off the main atrium across from the main office and is open to students throughout the day. Staff wanting to book the chapel for their classes can do so by contacting the chaplain. Please see Sacred Space: Chapel Use Protocol for more details.

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Chaplaincy Department

Chaplaincy Leader Jay Williams

Chaplaincy at St. Peter’s Catholic High School

The role of Catholic School Chaplaincy is to provide faith leadership inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire school community. The chaplain’s role is to lead the prayer life of the school, be a faith presence and journey with staff, students and parents throughout the school year. Chaplaincy services include:

 - Daily prayer for staff and students.
 - Liturgical celebrations in keeping with the liturgical

 - Communal prayer and reconciliation services.
 - A vibrant youth ministry group that meets weekly (both for 7 and 8 and high school).
 - Field trips to enhance faith life of students. 
 - Service and social justice opportunities.
 - Spiritual retreats for students and staff.
 - Faith development workshops for students.
 - Faith leadership workshops for staff.

- Religious education resource for religion teachers.
 - Pastoral counselling & coaching for students, staff and families.

The chaplaincy leader can be reached at extension 238.

Parish Links

Our school community is served by the following parishes. Click on the links to visit the parish websites.

Divine Infant Catholic Church

6658 Bilberry Drive
Orleans, ON
K1C 2S9
Phone: 613-824-6822

Good Shepherd Church  

St. Margaret Mary Church in Cumberland